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The Breast More
11-27-2013, 01:21 PM
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The Breast More
When it pushes the breast more and more increases image making it possible to better evaluate the structure changes visible in the image sometimes causes only summation, when the natural structure of the breast assemble a movie in one place and face suspiciously, but in reality this is no big deal.

Another possible and most common method is complementary ultrasound; it completes about 20% of patients. Read More ==> Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer Scam

A variant of mammography - In the preceding examination injection of contrast medium into a thin cannula breast ducts. The method is chosen by women with breast secretion, which may indicate the presence of a small tumor in the breast ducts.

Young women with symptoms of breast disease are the number one method of ultrasound examination. In screening more accurate diagnosis in approximately one in ten women, the examination requires a quality instrument with a special probe of enabling breast tissue and its high resolution.
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